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        Domestic tire mold, "as good as others" into the past tense

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        [ time:2013-08-16 16:11:45 Visits:1625 print Collection ]

        In recent years, Chinese tire enterprises to improve technology, quality assurance, make every effort to build the brand at the same time, the domestic tire mold industry is also developing rapidly.

        "As good as others" into the past tense

        "With the domestic production of molds made out of tires, not a bad performance, but look very “rough”, finish well and this weakness, had severely restricted the domestic tire mold industry." Talked about a few years ago China tire mold industry conditions, an industry expert said.

        It is reported that in recent years the situation has changed considerably. On the one hand, several major domestic mold factory produced significantly improve the precision tooling, EDM machining, engraving, casting process are very mature; Meanwhile, the delivery time is also greatly reduced, "There certainly can not make three die "phenomenon has become a thing of the past.

        According to reports, corporate purchasing molds, price is only one of the considerations, product quality and delivery speed is equally indispensable. "Low prices, fast delivery, good quality, we have no reason not to purchase such equipment." Of a tire technician said.

        Tire giant "love" made tool

        Quality tire mold "leaps and bounds", the market demand is also growing steadily.

        It is understood that the replacement of the tire there is a close relationship with the mold, as long as the tire structure minor adjustments, the mold will inevitably change. Users increasing demand for tires, encourage enterprises to continue to introduce new tire performance indicators in order to "retain" old customers, "draw" new customers.

        In recent years, foreign tire companies continue to lock eyes China, expanding production in China. Nowadays, more and more foreign tire companies in China tend to buy local molds. According to the analysis, if you go abroad, custom moldings, high prices do not say, and the cycle is long, if patterns need to be simple fixes, but also to spend a lot of time wasted.

        Tire mold industry in 2011 on the list, ranking first tire mold enterprises with annual sales of over 10 billion yuan.

        Insiders said, exports to the U.S. "tire special protection case" ended, rubber prices lower vehicle production and ownership increases, these good news, all for the 2013 Chinese tire industry is getting better, "spice"; while foreign tire giants in China construction and procurement of local enterprises gradually molds, mold can further market guaranteed. Overall, the Chinese tire mold industry is still relatively optimistic about the future development of the situation.

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