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        China is mold industry mold center shift ushered in new opportunities

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        In recent years, China”s construction, automotive, electronics, demolition, science and technology industry, the rapid expansion, the mold industry booming sales have become mainstream, the mold industry expansion has become the industry leading hardware. Recently the International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold, said mold industry in China in 2011, due to mechanical, automotive and electronic information industry, such as mold big demand continued expansion, China mold production persist more than 44% of high growth; From an international perspective, on the one hand our country Mid-mold has a strong competitive edge, international manufacturers entering the country increased year by year the proportion of the other industrial countries die consumption will slow to transfer to China, is expected in 2012 China”s mold industry low after the high, sustained high-speed operation .

        Production and demand booming market environment and good prospects, so many entrepreneurs and investors to actively invest in China”s mold industry, including foreign and private capital is still the mainstream, investment enthusiasm generally high, due facilitate collaboration with industry cluster, reduce costs, expand market share, and enjoy more favorable preferential policies characteristics, and thus the market optimistic about 2012. Today, the country has over 50 has a considerable size of the mold, the mold park, gathering industrial base, is being established, preparation or planning well over 10. In addition to cluster base, the mold in some places still unfolding entity alliances and virtual manufacturing.

        With the development of market economy, branding has become increasingly important, "operator brand" has become a very important business tool work. It is reported that the country has about 10 provincial and municipal famous trademarks and brands molds, ordinary companies have to declare the country famous trademark. With the deepening and quality obligations emphasis on environmental protection, there are a large number of mold companies in 2011 through the ISO9000 international quality system certification and ISO14000 environmental management certification. Meanwhile, in 2012 the industry has added a large number of high-tech enterprises, including national, provincial and municipal level, there are many enterprises to establish a mold technology centers or research center. Guangdong will become the world”s mold industry center. At present, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region surrounding gathered more than 10,000 die enterprises, employing 200,000 people beyond.

        Benefit from the national revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry environment and strong market demand, the domestic machine tool industry emerged technology rapid development, investment enthusiasm situation.

        Level of CNC machine tools, variety and production capacity reflects the state of technical, economic comprehensive national strength. CNC machine tools as a strategic defense and military equipment, a variety of weapons and equipment of the most important means to manufacture defense and military equipment modernization is an important guarantee. However, the revitalization of CNC machine tool industry in terms of industry, has a certain degree of difficulty. According to Luo Baihui introduced, the development of CNC machine tools required for digital manufacturing technology is the core of advanced manufacturing is the key to achieve self-innovation. Therefore, the entire industry is concerned, the revitalization of CNC machine tool industry is both a strategic opportunity and a challenge.

        Currently, the CPC Central Committee and State Council leaders highly concerned about the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry job, "second five" plan to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry has been to promote industrial structure optimization and upgrading as the main content of CNC machine tools to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry has become one of the priorities.

        Against this backdrop, "Twelve Five" period, China”s CNC machine tools will be developed and produced the following trends:

        1, composite processing technology more widely

        New composite machine tools such as milling and mill-turn machines, car grinding composite machine tools, gear cutting compound machine tools, milling complex combination with 5-axis machine tools and other products continue to emerge; heavy machine tool accessories and turntable such increase multifunction, composite processing evident; metal cutting and special processing composite made new progress, laser, electronic processing and machining composite technology has been mature product application. Composite processing technology popularization and application will be more variety, small batch production processes have an important impact.

        2 speed direct drive technology

        Since power electronics and digital technology advances, as well as linear motors, torque motors, spindle, grating detection unit matures, direct-drive technology in the application of CNC machine speed, many foreign machine tool enterprises of new products have been used linear motor drive . Direct-drive technology will greatly promote the structural changes of CNC machine tools and performance improved.

        3, the micro manufacturing technology emerge

        Micro Manufacturing (Inter-Micro) is a highly efficient, green, high-precision micro-fabrication technology for the processing of 3D shape various micro parts. Currently, the EU funding from Germany, Italy and other countries concerned universities, research institutes and enterprises research team has made relevant outcomes, such as: ultra-precision 5-axis micro-diamond and cubic boron nitride tools processing technology and equipment, etc. . Micro-fabrication technology has great potential for application, which should attract the industry”s attention. (China Hardware Network)

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