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        Welcome to Henan Jin Pai Shan Co.!
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        Address:Jiaozuo City fraternity County Industrial Cluster Development Road (Renmin Road East)

        Company News

        Group Chairman Meng sickle visit jin pai shan mold production line inspections

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        [ time:2013-08-16 15:36:19 Visits:1917 print Collection ]

        Yasheng News (correspondent Guo Yaru) June 28 morning, visit the Gold Group Chairman Meng Mountain sickle mold, Chief Financial Vice President at Gold Mountain SUN De-zhi, inspected Gold Hill production work.

        Visit the Gold Mountain Meng sickle mold production line inspections (Guo Yaru / photo)

        Meng sickle asked in detail about the recent gold medal routine management mountain situation and listened SUN De-zhi”s work. Subsequently, Meng sickle and visit workshops, inspect production status. His cordial conversation with the workshop staff, carefully asked the production process in various situations, and to make a series of work instructions.
        After the inspection, Meng sickle fully affirmed the work of the recent Gold Hill, also pointed out the difficulties encountered in developing markets and resistance, encouraging everyone to dare to explore, to have courage, look for targets to keep walking. The presence of employees indicated that they would create all the conditions to overcome all difficulties, hard work, for the gold medal mountain brilliant future and make its due contribution.

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