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        Leader Care

        jinpaishan Mold leaders to visit the families of hospitalized employees

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        [ time:2013-08-16 14:42:58 Visits:1685 print Collection ]

        Yasheng News (correspondent Guo Yaru) August 6 morning, Chief Executive Officer of Gold Hill mold company Liu Jianping, Minister Huang Mengxing production line to the Second People”s Hospital of Jiaozuo visit condolences Hou Xiaofang hospitalized mother.

        In the ward, Liu Jianping cordial conversation with Hou Xiaofang”s mother to learn more about the disease and treatment, and on behalf of General Manager SUN De-zhi Zhu Hou mother a speedy recovery, encourage good treatment with a doctor HOU mother, overcome the disease, nursed back to good health.

        Care for employees and their families, this is just the corporate governance practice of humanistic concern a microcosm. Sick employees, the company leaders and department heads personally went to visit; staff parents birthday, always get the company to employees birthday gifts and blessings; holidays, employees will receive holiday gifts paid by the Company in the nuances ...... caring for employees, always reveals a strong humanistic care, so that employees feel the warmth of family, sharing family happy, while more closely unite Gold Hill this family.

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