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        Leader Care

        jinpaishan Mold cooling supplies distributed to frontline staff

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        [ time:2013-08-16 11:58:22 Visits:1637 print Collection ]

        Yasheng News (correspondent Guo Yaru) July 11 afternoon, Deputy General Manager and Elderly Die Gold Hill, vice president Tian Xiaofeng send cool as the front-line employees paid summer cooling supplies.

        And Elderly for the door post to send cool (Guo Yaru / photo)

        Since entering in July, sunshine, high strength, hot weather continues, really good job in the summer for the "safe production" of sunstroke, and protect the health of employees, Gold Hill mold as the staff prepared iced pure water, breeze oil, Dan, cool oil , for the summer to bring a trace of pleasure, a wisp of cool.

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